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Post 3: Phenomena of NYC

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I really enjoyed reading this essay the most out of the few I read on I felt like I could relate to the frustration the author was feeling from the beginning of her train ride to the end. Fortunately, my frustration has never been followed by a situation like hers, however, I would feel the same way as she did at that moment.Her narration throughout the essay was backed up with great description and I loved her use of dialogue (in her head). I really liked when she said, “This is New York; it is a not a city of illusions.” It is really true, especially when it comes to these essays about the NYC subway system, and communities. I would have to say it’s mainly her wonderful narration of the situation that engaged me. The fact that she is professionally a freelance writer would contribute to her wonderful narration and writing skills.

I wanted to recommend this essay to the class because it reminded me of Read Richard Price’s “Screech, Memory”. I felt the class would be able to also relate to this essay one way or another. We’ve all had many unusual experiences on the NYC subway system, and it has never been out of the norm because like Whiteley said, “This is New York…”

Parseliti’s essay about the Porno man at first made me think of many instances I have encountered similar characters on the train. I liked his use of personal dialogue throughout his writing because it was not only engaging but also more relatable. I have witnessed worse situations on the MTA, so at first while reading I was having a good laugh. However, I didn’t expect the man to begin getting beat up by the angered man and I could just imagine how Parseliti felt at that moment because unknowingly he did instigate Porno man’s action. I also liked how Parseliti characterized and named the characters on the train; it made the story telling much easier and reading more understandable. In my opinion, Parseliti is not only a good writer but also a good narrator and perhaps that is why I was able to relate to his essay so well.

Lanham’s essay seemed more fictional to me than the other essays we have been reading in class so far. I have heard that everyone has a doppleganger but never knew one could be so close to their look alike. I liked his writing style because it wasn’t formal, but more like formulated personal thoughts, however it seemed quite fictional. I won’t complain because Lanham’s writing style did keep me engaged and interested, however I feel as if he ended the essay without finishing what he had started discussing. This doppleganger who had him so worked up and frustrated suddenly didn’t matter anymore once he had his empty train compartment. i found it all strange and fictional.

Gornick’s essay was a very realistic reflection with just the right description on something we have all encoutered at least once. It was short, but made its point and was also very touching. It brought a smile to my face and her writing style was so beautiful I could almost picture myself on that train witnessing this father and son bond. I really liked her quote: “These two are humanizing each other at a very high level.” It shows how we human compliment each other with just a little bit of love and affection.

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