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Post 6: Portaits

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All three essays have an emphasis on the person’s history and identity; who they are, where they came from etc. It has a sense of family importance, ties and of course loss. Momaday speaks of his people and where they came from. His essay is actually about his grandmother and the loss of her however, I kept losing that throughout his reading because I felt he focused more on the history and the place. The imagery was beautiful but I wanted to know more about his grandmother and his relationship with her; his grief of the loss. Lee writes a piece I enjoyed reading more, about his mother’s struggle with cancer and how it brought his family together to cherish her last moments. I was able to relate to this reading more because I lost my grandmother to cancer and I remember how during her last few days, it really brought my family together as well. Tan also writes about her mother and I also enjoyed reading her essay because I was able to relate to it. Her dealing with her mother’s “fractured English” was such an interesting topic, especially when we just have discussed immigration and in New York we always deal with such people. I really liked in the ending of her essay when her mom read her book and said “So easy to read”, it immediately put a smile upon my face.

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