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Post 7: Fitting In

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The common theme in these three essays is of the narrator trying to find their identity of who they are and where they belong; how they fit into their surroundings. McBride, a Jewish-American speaks from his point of view of trying to fit into this Jewish environment. The essay begins from the point of view of his mother and how she had to adapt to the American lifestyle. The overlapping of the point of view of mother and son together creates this sense of identity; their identity. However, I found myself get lost in between the two points of view and did not understand if I was supposed to see it from the mother’s point of view, or son’s, or both together as one? I was hoping for a more clarified essay, which would probably give me a better understanding of the situation. Nevertheless, I did get the main point behind the essay. Cofer’s essay gave me a more sense of one fitting into her identity. She tells a story from her childhood, in which the extended family is seen as a positive aspect. How stories were passed on from generation to generation, and one was expected to listen and abide by that story although it has no connection to them whatsoever. I really liked her style of writing and how while her grandmother simply braided her hair, a strong story came across for all the women to comprehend. Cooper’s essay was one I liked the most because I felt that his essay was one which truly one coming up discovering his identity, or his Cooper’s case perhaps not. This essay focused on homosexuality at a young age, and I really liked the confusion depicted throughout the essay because in my opinion that is what reality is! I loved Cooper’s use of details throughout his writing, the use of questions which he had no answers to. I felt like it was a journal entry formulated into an essay. All three of the authors had the issue of not “fittingĀ  in”, but throughout their essays, I felt the process coming alive, one way or another.

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