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Post 9: Hell Gate Review

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Life After Rikers Island:

I really liked this essay because it shows an in-depth analysis of an ex criminal and what makes it even better is that the essay is formatted in dialogue form which allows the reader to feel like he/she is the actual interviewer and John is directly talking to him/her. The best part of the essay was that despite all the hardships and hurdles of his past, John is determined to pursue a career in marine biology and move on in life. His struggle to thrive for success is what caught my attention. This essay clearly brings out John’s cognitive processes and shows us how even an ex-con, if he tries, can turn himself into a new leaf. This essay, I believe, should be used as a live example to educate other convicts and let them know that if they messed up in life, there is still a chance for change but that need for change has to come out from within.

Let Me Be:

This piece of work really caught my attention because myself being an East Indian i can very clearly relate to the author’s experiences. Even though our parents restrict our thoughts and actions and force us into acting upon their beliefs to protect us from doing wrong, i believe that it captures our thought processes into the jails of our mind. This allows us only to peak out of the window of the jail but prohibits us from stepping out into the world beyond the window. This really hurts the formation of a self identity which in turn keeps us from exploring into the real realms of the society making us mediocre people who only live in a cubicle from 9 to 5 and then go home, eat and then sleep. This type of dictatorship upbringing can most probably hurt our self esteem and just like the author only HOPE that some day life will get better.
The best part of the essay is: “I feel that all parents should have more faith in their children, and they should also have faith in their parenting.” This statement is so true and the only way our parents would understand this is if they try to clean up their clogged mind and open it up. However, that rarely happens because our parents themselves are usually stuck between the morals and cultural values of their original country and the country they currently reside in. They fear that the society will influence their kid’s mind and therefore the kid will forget his/her real values and morals.
The author’s emotions are hidden behind the words of her essay and these emotions jump right out at the readers as they read along. I felt pity for the author and up to some extent that feeling extended to myself as well. Even though i rebelled my way out of my parent’s dictatorship, the memories sometimes do haunt.

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