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Post 11: Faux Reporters

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After reading both reported essays, I myself came to the conclusion that  Ames and Wallace are both quiet unusual reporters. One thing i noticed they both have in common is the time stamps within their essays. They are both also very descriptive in their writings, which I see as a positive aspect because both wrote these essays based on live interviews they conducted. However, I felt that Wallace incorporated a bit too much details causing his essay to be a tad bit boring when compared to Ames. I felt that even though Ames kept suggesting that he really wasn’t a Goth, he was able to have a better relationship with the Goth Fest than Wallace did with the Illinois State Fair. Even though they both kind of didn’t want to be in the places they were sent, I felt that Ames did a better job than Wallace. Wallace was very descriptive from the very minute he entered the fair. I felt that if he cut down on so much details and so many words, and made his piece shorter it would be much more enjoyable to read. I enjoyed reading Ames’ essay better than Wallace’s because Ames was informative as well as personal while Wallace was leaning more towards informative, although he did incorporate his personal aspect as well. This reminded me of the discussion we had in class about Quinonez and Morales’ essays and how we enjoyed one more than the other due to the same reason: one being informative and one being more personal. I guess I am just the type who does not enjoy reading informative as much as I enjoy reading personal. However, both essays were good in their own ways. In my opinion it is hard formulating such a solid essay based on interviews; and it is a challenge I will be facing for our next essay assignment in class.

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