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Post 15: Mr.Beller’s Neighborhood

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Pink Eye

by Iris Smyles


Hudson st & w 10th St. 10014

Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

This essay started off good, and had me engaged in reading it. Then it just started becoming boring as the narrator came off as a childish, immature person. It didn’t really have much to do with the neighborhood (Greenwich Village) and she just seemed like an alcoholic artist.

Dom’s Wife

by Mickey Z.


31st St. and 23rd Ave., Queens, NY 11105

Neighborhood: Astoria, Queens

This essay also started off good, I felt it would be something I could relate to, especially after being born and brought up in Astoria. The essay was getting good, and then it just ended, leaving me wanting to know what happened. The author wrote and built up a good essay and then left the reader with a cliffhanger ending.

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