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Post 16: QC Voices

Filed under: Uncategorized — bipasha255 at 5:53 pm on Sunday, November 28, 2010

Your blog really stood out to me and I wanted to point out that I am very proud of you for carrying this unique mindset. I have many Muslim friends who get annoyed when they are stereotyped for their religion, when they are considered a minority and talked as well as looked bad upon. They just complain; all sit and complain, and then just leave it as it is. I tell them, why not talk back? You staying quiet just allows people to continue saying negative things about you which obviously aren’t true. Yeah some people made huge mistakes and your religion was linked, but that doesn’t mean that you made those mistakes. Why should you have to suffer for their stupidity? Yes, all Muslims are Muslims but not all Muslims are terrorists and that stereotype must stop spreading and the only way that is possible is when Muslims step up themselves. I feel you could be one of those people who can stand up for his religion and his people and let the world know that there is more to me than my religion. Don’t let my name fool me, get to know me. Very well written, keep writing.


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